Status update, December & 2021

January 1, 2022

Previous year was a bit of a mess, remote randomly taking over sometimes, COVID is not leaving us and getting even worse. But hoping it would get better next time.

And with new year come new traditions, so, this is my first status update, and it will the entire previous year and specifically December.

During 2021 most of my current projects started:

=> gtranslate

=> qlc

=> sushi

Along with that, I've made a bunch of stuff with a programming language that shall go unnamed: this includes bindings to libui, (still incomplete) IRC server, a terminal stopwatch program to test termios tooling and a kernel for RISC-V architecture (more on it later).

Speaking of that kernel, this is in fact my 3rd attempt at it and a successful one. By now it can print to the screen and parse device tree (but that's about it :/) and runs without issues on real hardware (thanks to Drew DeVault for testing it).

On social side, I almost stopped being on Fedi and moved to IRC since there was not that much to talk about. Also I decided to try out Misskey for some reason.

=> Misskey account (@yyp@mk.nixnet.social), beware that I mostly do randomposting and repost memes here

On IRC, my local bouncer went in flames again and I switched to chat.sr.ht, which is really great and I don't have to maintain such a sensitive service anymore.

Meanwhile in school everything is going fine, and I even had enough time to do some coding. Currently I'm on holidays until January 9th.

Well, that's pretty much everything I remembered for this status update. See you in a month!