Starting from scratch

October 7, 2021

I've almost finished the complete rewrite of this blog, which took around two weeks. The new internal and UI design is quite good now, which was the main reason for it. It was hard to get everything right with minimal boilerplate code, but I did it.

There was another reason I didn't like the old version...

I decided to not transfer old posts here to tweak the tone of the blog. It was originally quite flamey with 40% of negative posts. Some of them were also written in a hurry or as a result of getting angry at something for no reason, which caused a lot of mistakes and false points. And even for non-negative posts, they were short and without detailed information.

Now I'd try to make posts more detailed about various topics. There is already a bunch on my write-list.

That's not all: I also added new "Projects" and "About" pages and made the header less bad, which bugged me a lot.

It's not fully complete since Gemini version doesn't have a home page yet and misses metadata on posts, but that will be implemented soon. (update 2021-10-08: now both home page and metadata are in place)

Anyway, happy reading :D